Welcome to our new website!

Cue the drum roll and break out the champagne (or kombucha, as you will), GSDA finally has a new website. While some things are forever, web design is not, and this is a much-needed overhaul (we’re sure you’ll agree). If you came to this blog post by direct link, you can check out our home/splash page.

While we wanted our new site to be attractive to the eye, what was paramount in the planning process was functionality. That’s why we have three main sections to the site: Members, Prospective Members and Public (each is accessible from the opening splash page with the lovely Seattle skyline). You’ll be able to access key features like the events calendar, blog, and recipes from all areas, but the Members area will have exclusive content and features, arranged so that you can actually find them.

We have new Resources (links) pages, a streamlined “Join GSDA page” and much more. For those of you who are members, you’ll see that some new features—like the RDN Marketplace, Job Board, and Student section—are still works in progress.

Carrie Dennett, MPH, RDN, CD, is GSDA’s media and communications chair. She writes a weekly nutrition column for The Seattle Times and regularly contributes to The Washington Post, Today’s Dietitian and other publications.