Thoughts from GSDA’s outgoing president

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to current members, prospective members and all those following activities of the Greater Seattle Dietetic Association (GSDA). As GSDA president during the 2016-2017 calendar year, I had the pleasure of experiencing some of my favorite events to date, such as learning the art of soul food cooking at Seattle Pacific University and being part of the conversation to help grow initiatives for higher pay in the field of dietetics.

This past year was busy! Aside from offering members an array of continuing education and networking opportunities at least once per month, GSDA worked at the state level to help reshape public policy and advocate for numerous food and nutrition bills during this past Legislative Day. We also worked on our first sponsorship policy document, which we are excited to launch in the 2017-18 year under my lead as the fundraising chair. In this new role, I intend to discover unique ways we can help build up our reserve to continue to offer members the very best benefits of a local dietetic chapter.

To help provide members with up-to-date information and connect one another, GSDA worked hard with the ideation and launch of our new and improved website, thanks to media and communications chair, Carrie Dennett. With the overhaul, our goal is to help keep up with “insta-share” of important GSDA-member activities, ranging from media spotlights to new career opportunities. As the year progresses, we will continue to find out what our members seek from GSDA—please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with suggestions.

The GSDA is in good hands for 2017-18. It is with honor and a hopeful heart that I pass the reigns of the presidency to my colleague and good friend, Angel Planells. We are excited to continue a year chock-full of events, networking, and most importantly, a chance to continue moving the needle forward in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Marissa Beck, MS, RD is GSDA’s fundraising chair and immediate past president. She works on the dietetic team for PRO Sports Club’s 20/20 Lifestyles Medical Center.