Cooking demo and garden tour recap

Thanks for those who joined GSDA and NSDA (North Seattle Dietetic Association) September 16 at Songaia, a cohousing community in Bothell, for a cooking demo and garden tour. It was a lovely day of exploring their garden and learning about the permaculture methods they previously and currently use that keeps their produce thriving.

After the tour, we were joined by Food Forward, an organization through the Humane Society, and learned more about the health outcomes of vegetarian eating on animal wellbeing and human health. We divided into small groups, with each group preparing a different vegetarian recipe. Together we made cauliflower crevice, vegan nacho cheese (and yes it was delicious!), mock tuna and chicken salads, bean dip and walnut-avocado tacos. Needless to say, we didn’t walk out of there hungry—and but we did walk away with some delicious, nutritious, low-cost recipes!

See you at fall conference on October 14th from 10-12:30 (more details to come).