Meet the Board: David Weinman

This is the latest post in our “Meet the Board” series. Each Monday, we’ll feature one of our 2017-18 board members, not stopping until we run out of board members (in late January).

David Weinman, MS, RD
Continuing Education Co-Chair

David WeinmanI am a clinical dietitian at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma who graduated from Sodexo Dietetic Internships and Bastyr University with interests in older adult nutrition, vegan and vegetarian nutrition, and sustainable food and agriculture. Outside of dietetics I love exploring the Pacific Northwest in search of great vegetarian fare, awesome hikes, and beautiful bicycle rides as well as learning about and drinking excellent Taiwanese tea. Here’s more about me:

Favorite food: Ever since my wife gave me a pizza stone, peel, and Neapolitan pizza making class I love making pizza on a weekly basis. For the base I make a classic Neapolitan dough, experiment on my own with whole wheat flour or herbed dough, or if I’m feeling lazy I just grab Trader Joe’s dough. What I love most about making pizza at home is finding new combinations and flavors and if I am in theatrical mood throwing the dough for visitors. Oh, and as far as favorite foods, lets not forget donuts.

Favorite form of physical activity: I love getting out to the mountains to hike and explore the wilderness. My favorite hiking destination is Olympic National Park, where you can find rugged coast, quiet river valleys, or alpine hikes. I also love bike commuting and challenging my self with long distance rides like the STP or RSVP.

Favorite travel destination: Aside from destinations outside the U.S.—and the Olympic Mountains—the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Islands, and the Oregon coast are my favorite travel destinations. The coast and islands are excellent locations for winter and spring vacations where I can explore off-season festivals, storm watch, and relax in front of a cozy fire with my wife.

Favorite food city: Outside of Seattle (which always has good food and an ever expanding food scene) my favorite food cities are Vancouver B.C. and Portland. Every time I visit Vancouver or Portland I love finding new or returning to favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants and find new Taiwanese or Chinese tea shops.

Favorite hobby: Other than hiking and biking, my favorite hobbies are reading and tea. I enjoy reading all genres but focus on science fiction and science/nutrition books. My other hobby is learning about and drinking tea. My tea journey started 13 years ago when a new friend sat down with me for a couple hours explaining the different kinds of tea, where they are grown, how they are processed, and tasting a dozen teas. To expand on my knowledge I have worked in the tea industry—focusing on Taiwanese teas—have travelled to Taiwan, and continue my journey by learning directly from those that grow, sell, and teach about tea.

Something that most people don’t know about me: As a child I grew up with Star Trek, Star Wars, Cosmos, and any other science and sci-fi my uncle would watch. By the time college rolled around I very much wanted to study and explore the stars myself hoping to study at Cornell with Carl Sagan. While I still love all things sci-fi and space I chose a more earthly path of restoration ecology and later dietetics.