GSDA Fall Conference

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Date(s) - 10/14/2017
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Phinney Ridge Community Center


Join GSDA for our fall conference, and enjoy two speakers, two CEU credits, refreshments and a chance to network at the lovely Phinney Ridge Community Center (Room 6, fyi).

Are There GMOs on MyPlate?

One of the most contentious and misunderstood topics in nutrition is genetic engineering and agriculture. We get information from all sides: Is GE is safe or does it causes many of our modern ills? Does GE contaminate the environment or does it reduce our environmental impact? Has GE reduced the nutrition of our food or can it help prevent nutritional deficiencies? With all this conflicting information how are we supposed to advise our clients? Karl Haro von Mogel, PhD will help us better understand many of these topics by delving into the science, controversy, and reality of GMOs.

2017 Fall Conference speaker Karl Haro von MogelAbout the Speaker: Karl Haro von Mogel is the science & media director at Biology Fortified, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and engaging the public on important topics in plant genetics and agriculture. Karl earned his PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics with a minor in Life Science Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying the genetics of sweet corn, and did a Post-Doc with the USDA where he improved our understanding of the cucumber genome. He is passionate about helping people to understand how crops have changed and the importance of these changes in the future.

Cancer and Nutrition: The Dietitian’s Role in Cancer Treatment

As dietitians we tackle many nutritional issues everyday with patients and clients but one of the most difficult can be how to treat someone with cancer. Depression, taste changes, food intolerances, weight loss, and appetite loss can all be side effects of treatment. Patients come with questions about what foods are safe. Are antioxidant rich foods, soy, red meat, bread, coffee, dairy, and sugar safe? What foods help prevent cancer or recurrence? Melicent Smith, MS, RDN, CSO will help dispel many myths and provide guidance on how best to treat those during and after cancer treatment.

2017 Fall Conference speaker Melicent SmithAbout the Speaker: Melicent (Mel) Smith, MS, RDN, CSO, is a clinical dietitian at Overlake Hospital Cancer Center. She works with oncology patients helping them to stay strong and nourished through all phases of their cancer treatment. She believes each patient’s journey is unique and everyone’s nutritional challenges are different, therefore providing patients with an individualized approach. Mel graduated from Bastyr Univeristy, been a dietitian for 13 years working in outpatient oncology at Overlake Hospital for 11 years, and is a Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition (CSO).


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