Meet the Board: Ginger Hultin

This is the latest post in our “Meet the Board” series. Each Monday, we’ll feature one of our 2017-18 board members, not stopping until we run out of board members (in late January).

Ginger Hultin, MS, RD, CSO
Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Ginger HultinI’m a registered dietitian, health writer and creator of the blog, Champagne Nutrition. I specialize in vegetarian and plant-based diets, integrative/holistic nutrition, oncology nutrition, responsible supplementation, and nutrigenomics. I recently moved from Chicago where I worked at the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment under Dr. Block to Seattle where I joined a bio-tech start-up company called Arivale, which offers scientific wellness health coaching based on nutrigenomic data. I also serves as adjunct clinical faculty at Bastyr University in their teaching clinic. I’m happy to serve GSDA as nominating committee co-chair this year. Here’s more about me:

Favorite food: Definitely pizza—of any kind. I’m a spinach, mushroom, pineapple kind of person. My company is called ChampagneNutrition so I do love trying new cocktail recipes. I recently made a 1-glass sangria because sometimes you just want 1 serving.

One-glass sangria

Favorite form of physical activity: I do OrangeTheory every week in Seattle and I also have a couple favorite yoga studios near my home. I love being active when I travel—this picture is of me cross country skiing in Finland. I also downhill ski and snowboard.

Ginger skiing in Finland

Cross-country skiing in Finland

Favorite travel destination: I love traveling in the US—I like big cities like New York, San Fran, LA, Chicago and Houston. I am also passionate about traveling in Asia; I went to Myanmar and Malaysia a couple years ago. This winter I’m headed to New Zealand.

Favorite food city: Seattle is one of them—we’re so lucky to have incredible international food like Ethiopian, Thai and Japanese. I also love eating in LA – everything is healthy!

Chris Vogliano, Ginger Hultin and Angel Planells cooking together

Cooking with Chris Vogliano (L) and Angel Planells (R)

Favorite hobby: I love cooking including recipe development and food photography. I spend a LOT of my free time doing that. I also love writing and blogging. All of my hobbies have to do with food and nutrition.

Ginger Hultin cooking at the Culinary Institute of America

Cooking at the CIA!

Something that most people don’t know about me: I was a creative writing/English major at UW before I went back to school for nutrition. I had an awesome internship at the Seattle Weekly and for a long time I thought that I wanted to be in that space. I’m happy that I’ve been able to combine my love for food and nutrition with writing and media because to me, it’s the best of both worlds.