Meet the Board: Caity Robinson

This is the latest post in our “Meet the Board” series. Each Monday, we’ll feature one of our 2017-18 board members, not stopping until we run out of board members (in late January).

Caitlin RobinsonCaitlin (Caity) Robinson
Student Representative (University of Washington)

I am a first year MPH student in the coordinated dietetics program at the University of Washington. I just recently moved from Bellingham to Seattle but already feel right at home surrounded by water and mountains. I received my undergrad in political science, and after graduating is when my passion for nutrition and food policy began to grow. I started volunteering for several organizations in the area including the Whatcom County Farm to School program, PeaceHealth Nutrition and Diabetes Clinic, and the Community Meal program before I decided to take the leap and go back to school to follow my dream of becoming a registered dietitian. In my free time I love hiking, running, and of course, eating.

Favorite meal/food: I worked in a thai restaurant for three years during my undergrad and I feel like that has forever shifted my preference to thai food. When the restaurant would get slow the owner would show me tips on how to cook more authentic dishes, and while I can never recreate them the way she did I still remember and use her advice.

Delicious Thai food

Favorite form of physical activity: I’m a “retired” long-distance runner who still tries to get in as many miles as time and ankles allow, but I’m still an avid hiker. Having spent the last 10 years in Bellingham I frequented the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and the Chuckanuts every chance I had, rain or shine. I’m so excited to explore a whole new area around Mt Rainier and gladly welcome any suggestions!

Mt Baker as seen from Park Butte

Favorite travel destination: My favorite travel destination is usually the one I’ve most recently been to. In September I took a nine-day trip to Iceland and fell in love with its many waterfalls, volcanoes, and sheep. One night we were staying in an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere and watched the Northern Lights from our front porch, which was just as incredible as it sounds.

Gulfoss in Iceland

Favorite food city: Portland. Every time I visit friends down there I have a list of new restaurants (mostly food trucks) I want to try. That being said, as a Seattle-newbie I am also having a great time trying out new places in my own neighborhood.

Favorite hobby (food-related or otherwise): Aside from everything previously mentioned, I also love baking and experimenting with new recipes.

Something that most people don’t know about me: I’ve played a lot of sports in my life (soccer, volleyball, cross-country…) but the one that usually gets people’s attention is my two year stint in synchronized swimming. The real-deal is not how it’s usually portrayed in movies and on TV, but I DID have to put knox gelatin in my hair and wear waterproof lipstick.