Meet the Board: Celez Suratos

This is the latest post in our “Meet the Board” series. Each Monday, we’ll feature one of our 2017-18 board members, not stopping until we run out of board members (in late January).

Celez Suratos, MS, RDN, CD
Continuing Education Co-Chair

Celez SuratosIf you told me eight years ago I would become a registered dietitian one day, I would have laughed! Mostly because back then I did not know that studying and practicing in the field of nutrition was a career, but because my undergraduate degree was in the arts. Prior to becoming a RDN, I worked in the entertainment and television production industry. Working in this industry meant working long hours, with little time for physical activity, and constant access to poor food choices. It is when I realized how much my job promoted an unhealthy lifestyle did I find nutrition as my savior!

Although I obtained my Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science for California State University, Los Angeles, I started my nutrition program coursework at Oregon State University (GO BEAVS!). I like to say that the Pacific Northwest has my heart in it’s hands – I always knew that one day I would leave the sunny, palm tree world of Los Angeles and return to the more temperate and mountainous terrain of the PNW. Alas, I moved to Seattle nearly 18 months ago. I joined GSDA as a way to build my professional network in the city I now call home and have been amazed with all the talent, knowledge, and experience of my GSDA peers. Curious to know about me? Well, here goes:

Favorite meal: Anything with melted cheese and well-toasted bread is a winner (bonus points when the cheese is burned). Call it grilled cheese, pizza, or anything in between … whoever invented this combination is a genius!

Favorite form of physical activity: It is hard for me to choose one. Physical activity is my stress reliever! I like fast, intense workouts, so more often than not you’ll see me in a kickboxing or boot camp class. I’ve also gotten into POP Pilates this past year – the music is so fun, it takes my mind off how much pain I’m in from all the abdominal work!

Favorite food city: Los Angeles!! I have to give props to the city I spent living in for nearly 14 years. I was spoiled living in a city with such an explosive and diverse food scene. Los Angeles has all kinds of food to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. And because it is such a fast-paced city, there is something new to try all the time … I rarely have been to the same restaurant twice. Some of my favorites include Gracias Madre (vegan), Homeboy Industries (a non-profit that makes artisan bread), Bottega Louie (macarons), Belcampo Meat Co. (meatloaf), Masa (the Lots of Meat pizza and croissant bread pudding), and Little Beast (this is where I had my going away dinner before moving to Seattle!).

Favorite hobby: Hands down, there is never a moment in which I turn down an opportunity to wine taste. I’ve had the privilege to taste wine from all over California…Napa and Santa Barbara counties, Temecula, and Livermore. In the 14 months I lived in Oregon I enjoyed wine from the Willamette Valley. And this past September my friends and I had a camping and wine tasting adventure in Walla Walla. Cheers!

At Cougar Crest for a wine tasting

Something that most people don’t know about me: I wanted to be a professional gymnast when I was younger. My parents never helped me pursue this desire of mine and once I was an adult I was too old to start tumbling and doing the splits—BUT my interest in displaying similar athleticism and grace lead me to start taking flying trapeze lessons nearly two years ago. It’s such an adrenaline rush to swing from 40 feet above ground. My only wish is that I had more time (and money!) to do it more often.